Tropical Pixels

TropicalPixels is my little endeavour to experiment with iOS and OSX technologies and create fun apps.

Mac Apps


With a beautifully designed menubar popup, ScreenLapse allow you to easily create wonderful HD time-lapse movies of your computer’s screen, capturing your creativity as you work and play. Record your all your amazing progress and re-experience the magic as you watch your creatively unfold before your eyes.

Whatever you do on your screen, ScreenLapse lets you re-experience the time with just a few clicks.

Available on the Mac App Store

iOS Apps

Words Within

Words Within is a fun word puzzle game that challenges you to use the letters of one word to find as many other words as you can. To add even more challenge, you’re limited to one minute per word so you have to work fast to get maximum points.

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Get your summer fun started early with iKite, a fun and relaxing game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Just grab ahold of the strings and go!

Three available scenes Sit back, relax, and watch your kite soar and fly gracefully through the air. With skilful maneuvering you can pull off some amazing dives, loops and tricks to impress your friends. It’s fun, simple and easy.

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FlipFrog, FlipFarm, FlipEggs and FlipPanda

Simple fun games designed to encourage the development of your child’s memory and concentration skills.

Twelve sets of visually and audibly exciting picture cards featuring colorful characters such as frogs, cows, horses, chickens and sheep.

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