About Jeffrey Sambells

About Jeffrey Sambells

Hi, I’m Jeffrey Sambells1.

I’m a father, mobile developer, designer and author among many other things. I started dabbling in publishing and web design in the late 90’s, turning it into a few books and a once successful company called We-Create.

Today, I’ve moved on to mobile technologies and most of my time is spent designing and developing inside the walled garden of iOS. Sometimes you may also find me lurking in an Android or even a BlackBerry app but iOS is my preference. I also enjoy helping out the local developer community with projects like this blog and participation in groups such as iOSKW, DemoCampGuelph and the Communitech Mobile P2P.

In general, if you’re passionate about mobile technologies such as multi-touch interfaces, human-focused interfaces, accessibility or you’re just excited about awesome design and typography then we’d probably get along really well.

I also maintain a few apps for Mac and some simple iOS games and I can be found as “iamamused” on Twitter and Github.


If you’re looking for a bit of help, I’m available for one-on-one and group consultations. I’m a handy guy to have on call when it comes to iOS, Mac or general mobile questions. Contact me at jeff @ this domain.

About this Blog

This blog is build with Jekyll. I usually do most of my writing in Markdown on an iPad using Editorial.

You can subscribe to the RSS feed here, if you like.


If you have question, comments, thoughts or want to send me free samples, awesome products to review or whatever else you have you can contact me using jeff @ this domain or fill out this handy form:

  1. My last name is pronounced “sam-belz”. Emphasis is on the first syllable “sam” (not the “bells”).