I don’t know how may times I’ve heard companies say “Our apps need to look consistent across all platforms” which usually means pixel perfect precision from one app to the next. If you think the same then realize what you are actually saying is “Our app needs to look wrong on every platform.”

Think about it, consistency isn’t about making your app look the same everywhere. How often do you use the same app across multiple platforms and devices? I would guess never. Normal users don’t do that. They use one device on one platform so consistency across platforms is irrelevant.

If you want consistency, be consistent with the platform, not the apps1.

  1. This is a big factor in my disdain for cross compiler tools that allow you to develop in one language and distribute across multiple platforms. With the exception of immersive games, you might be saving person hours by building to the losets common denominator but at what cost to the end user experience?

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