Custom Clang Analyzer

Awesome idea from Keith Harrison about getting the most out of your Build & Analyze workflow by using the latest open source updates of the clang analyzer–directly in Xcode! It only takes a second to download and install so there’s no reason not to. You can check out his post for more details or just open up your terminal and copy in this:

curl -o checker-276.tar.bz2;
bunzip2 checker-276.tar.bz2;
tar -xfv checker-276.tar;
mv checker-276 /Application/ClangAnalyzer;
rm checker-276.tar
cd /Applications/ClangAnalyzer   sudo ./set-xcode-analyzer --use-checker-build=/Applications/ClangAnalyzer

** NOTE: Quit Xcode first.

Follow along with the clang analyzer release notes and repeat as needed.