Colour Pickers

Did you know that the OS X colour picker has a plugin framework? If not, I suggest you add these great colour pickers to your system-wide colour panel.

Panic’s Developer Color Picker

Panic's Developer Color Picker

Panic’s Developer Color Picker is a custom color picker designed specifically for developers. Makes getting colors out of Photoshop/Acorn mock-ups quick and easy. Currently supports NSColor, UIColor, CGColorRef, CSS and HTML styles.

Jesper’s Hex Color Picker

Hex Color Picker

Hex Color Picker lets you edit and view hexadecimal color codes in the standard Mac OS X color panel.

Skala Color

Skala Color Picker

Skala Color is a compact and feature-rich OS X color picker that works with a huge variety of formats, covering everything you’re likely to need for web, iOS, Android, and OS X development — Hex, CSS RGBA, CSS HSLA, UIColor, NSColor and more. It also automatically recognises colors copied to the clipboard, presenting them as a swatch that can be applied with a single click. The hue and opacity sliders let you quickly target rough values, then fine tune with 4× the precision.

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