I’ll admit I’m personally not a big user of Facebook’s social network but they do have a lot of great open source iOS developer tools. Recently I’ve been playing with KVOController, origami, and Shimmer, all of which are great. Today, Facebook added another awesome dev tool called Tweaks.

Tweaks gives us an interface to manage and “tweak” parameters directly inside a running app, letting you to experiment interactively with settings such as colours or animation speeds. Facebook used it themselves to perfect their highly praised Paper app by allow non-developer to contribute to the design experience.

From the Tweaks project’s page:

Occasionally, it’s perfect the first try. Sometimes, the idea doesn’t work at all. But often, it just needs a few minor adjustments. That last case is where Tweaks fits in. Tweaks makes those small adjustments easy: with no code changes and no computer, you can try out different options and decide which works best.

Some of the most useful parameters to adjust are animation timings, velocity thresholds, colors, and physics constants. At Facebook, we also use tweaks to temporarily disable new features during development. That way, the designers and engineers involved can enable it on just their devices, without getting in the way of others testing the app.

I’m excited to try out Tweaks in the apps I’m currently working on. It looks like a great way for client to tweak the app themselves so they can finally decide which shade of blue is perfect. Download it here or use Tweaks in your Podfile.

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