iOS & Objective-C Video Resources

If you’re looking for some great video tutorials for Objective-C, here’s some great resources that I use daily:

  • NSSccreencast – is a paid resources by Ben Scheirman that releases weekly iOS development screencasts. There’s a few free samples that you can try out but I highly recommend the paid videos. They’re short enough to consume over a lunch but pack full of useful information and examples.

  • videos – is a relatively new source of video tutorials that is currently in beta. They cover a lot of the most common things you’ll come across when working with iOS and UIKit.

  • Apple Programming – is a YouTube channel focused on Mac OSX development. A lot of info applies to iOS as well.

  • Developing iOS 7 apps – is an online course from Stanford University that will take some time to go though but it has been updated to cover most aspects of iOS 7 development.

  • And lastly, WWDC Videos. Tons of good stuff there.