Learning iOS Development

No matter how experience you are in your platform of choice, you should never stop actively learning. I make it a habit to keep track of the latest changes in iOS and Objective C and take advantage of them wherever I can. Here’s a list of a few resources I’ve found that are very helpful.

On-Line Courses

There’s a number of great – and free – online courses you can work though in iTunes U. These few are from Stanford and the last one is currently in progress, covering iOS6, storyboards and all the new stuff int he latest iOS SDK’s.

Objective-C / iOS Topic Blogs

You can fill your RSS reader with lots of blogs but these are a few low-frequency but high quality ones I’ve come across. NSHipster is especially nice in that it provides a weekly in-depth look at parts of Objective-C that are often overlooked.

As well, here’s a few personal blogs by other developers that sometimes wander off topic but are still full of great content.

Pod Casts

Plug in for the commute or an evening’s rest. Some of these shows are lengthy and can’t be consumed in one quick sitting but there’s lots of interesting ideas and interviews.

Screen Casts

Reading is great but sometimes is easier to actually see something in action. Check out these great resources direct from Apple, along with a couple others.


Books are still awesome. Soe would argue that blogs rule, but it’s extra nice to have a well organized book with in-depth coverage of the topic you’re working on. Here’s a few I’ve read and recommend.

Documentation, Project Resources & Sample Code

Last but not least, don’t forget about documentation and sample code you can find scattered over the web. Learning from other developer’s code is often a great way to pick up new techniques.