iOS Storyboard: Minimum Font Size greater than current font size

While cleaning up warnings and errors in Xcode projects I often come across this error related to Storyboards:

warning: Unsupported Configuration: Minimum Font Size greater than current font size.

Locating the error is a problem because clicking on it in the error list just opens the storyboard and doesn’t tell you which field has the problem. The easiest way I’ve found to locate the error is to open the storyboard as Source Code and search for minimumFontSize. For each result check the associated fontDescription node and ensure that the pointSize is equal to or greater than the minimumFontSize. For example, here’s what was producing the error (truncated for the example):

<label … minimumFontSize="10" id="rMR-J8-TZc">
    <fontDescription key="fontDescription" type="system" pointSize="9"/>

It’s a pain when you have a lot of labels but better than the pesky warning always showing up. You could probably create a regular expression to find matches as well but a quick find/replace is usually sufficient.