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I was just looking at a great t-shit I got for Christmas from ThinkGeek.com that reminded me of a few posts I’ve been reading.

There’s a debate on-line as to wether or not comments are a good thing or not. People such as Matt Gemmell, MG Siegler have switched off comments with no ill effects and other’s such as John Gruber, Marco Arment and Dave Caolo never had them to begin with. Today MacStories, a popular Mac news blog, weighed in on the idea and revealed it too will be dropping comments in the next revision of their site.

My opinion? Comments, especially on a more personal site, are useless. I had them for awhile but they’re became too much effort to moderate, maintain and offered little added value to my words. In the worst case, comments can spiral into something really bad as people begin to fight each other or you. I’d much rather receive more email and update my articles as necessary rather then have people adding irrelevant length to my page.

As MG Siegler points out:

If you’re saying something that you think is great, why would you want to do it as a comment on another site anyway?

Keep talking and build debate but take responsibility for your words. Post them in your own blog–It’s pretty damn easy these days. If you’re words are worth the pixels they’re displayed with then the dialog will continue, people will be more likely to follow your opinions and others will do the same. It’s win-win for everyone and a lot less work.

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