Every Day

Resolutions are interesting. Every year I do the normal New Year’s thing and make some resolutions that usually don’t pan out after the fist few weeks–mostly because I don’t tell anyone about them. This year is going to be different because my resolutions involve daily changes and I have some tools to help.

Last year there was a big catalyst for change in my life. I decided it was time to move on from the the company I helped start and pursue a career in mobile technologies. This has been a wonderful change and the new start I need to make more change. To help even further, I’m making my resolutions public so that failure is not an option.

So, here’s my resolutions and the tools I’m using to achieve them. For now I’ll just tell you what the tools are and I’ll post later about how they help and how they’re working out:

1. Live a healthy lifestyle

I purposely didn’t choose “lose weight” or “exercise” as my ultimate goal isn’t a specific measurement. I just want to have more energy, be healthier, live longer and have more fun. My kids are really active and I find I’m often out of breath just playing with them for a few minutes in the living room. It’s time to really do something about it with the help of a Jawbone UP, Loseit and Fleety. I already know where I’ve been going wrong in the past but a weekly summary will be very helpful to keeping goals in check and make sure everything is going as planned.

2. Keep a daily journal

I’ve always wanted to keep a journal and I’ve tried. In the past my goals have always been to high. I felt the need to write something inspiring and important every day–which is not feasible–so I just ended up overwhelmed and abandoning the project. Instead, I’m starting out small by using Day One to jot down a few interesting notes. I’ll just write something every day and see where it goes from there.

3. Take a picture a day

This one’s easy, I just have to remember to do it. The Everyday app is going to do most of the work and if I achieve my first goal then this will be a great way to actually see the progress throughout the year.

4. Fill my family photo stream

I really want to spend more time documenting the lives of my kids. They’re great subjects but every Christmas my wife and I go to do a photo album for the Grandparents and realize we only have a handful of photos for the year. We miss dozens of great opportunities. At the same time I don’t want to live the year through a camera so my iPhone 4S is going to be my documentation device of choice. It’s always in my pocket so I don’t have an excuse not to snap a few shots.

To make it more fun I’m going to grab some Olloclip lenses and I’ve loaded the iPhone up with some great apps like Instagram, TimeLaps, Photosynth, Snapseed, iMovie and Camera+. Along with a Glif, a Gorillapod and my earphones I should be set.

5. Write one decent post every Monday

One well written post every Monday, created on my iPad, with others as I find time. Something related to mobile/iOS/Android or something I think you’ll find interesting. This will require research and a lot of reading and writing so Reeder, Penultimate, Phraseology, Instapaper, and Wordpress and going to come in very handy.

6. Relax and Have Fun

The rest of the time I’m going to relax and have fun with the family. Without my phone.

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