Apple Fairplay Almost Ruined Christmas

Our living room floor is covered in presents this morning and my girls are both full of excitement over their respective iPod Touches however the morning was almost ruined by Fairplay DRM. It seems that when I set up the devices and copied all the apps onto both iPods from my iMac I failed to actually try them out. After ripping off the wrapping paper and trying out their new apps on of them opened! I thought it was because of the restrictions I had put on them but no, it was Fairplay not recognizing the device. For whatever reason the iPod didn’t recognize my account and wouldn’t play any app or song I had sync’d from my iMac. Children were not happy.

Good news however, I quickly figured out that if you download a new app directly onto the device from the app store everything started working fine. It seems you need to download at least one app to get the certificates and whatnot set up properly. Just a tip for any other parents who find themselves in the same situation.

P.S. the Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Apptivity Case for iPhone and iPod Touch is awesome.