Complimenting another man on his bag...

I’ve determined—through experience—that there’s no manly way for one man to compliment another man on his bag. No, I don’t mean that bag so you can stop giggling like a 5 year old. The conversation I had the other day went something like this:

Me (going to sit down in a meeting): Who’s bag is this?

Co-worker: Oh, that’s mine. Sorry, I’ll move it.

Me: Oh No, that’s OK. I was asking because it’s really nice. I like it a lot.

Co-worker: Oh, well ya. It’s a Filson.

We then proceeded to disrupt the meeting with talk of bags, brand names, shopping locals and style selection. Not a very manly-man conversation—it drew some jeers from other male attendees—but in my defence it was a really nice bag.

I’ve been searching for the right bag to carry all my work related notes and gadgets. I typically have my MacBook, iPad, a small notebook, a few pens and a couple other mobile devices (iPod, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, etc.). Maybe a book I’m reviewing. That’s about it. There’s not much else so I don’t need anything too big and bulky. I’ve recently reduced the heft of my MacBook from a big heavy 17” MacBook Pro to a very slim, light, and awesome 13” MacBook Air so it was time to start hunting for a decent messenger style bag.

I’ve tried various messenger bags over the years. Some very cheap, others not so much, but none have had a lasting impression for either durability or performance. For my perfect carry-everywhere-I-go-bag I am looking for something that is comfortable, durable and stylish (perhaps a conversation piece). I was thinking something vintage looking, maybe made of waxed canvas, or another heavy waterproof fabric—with a nice leather strap and brass fittings. Something that looks like it’s been around for awhile but will still last many, many years. The Filson bags fill these requirement’s perfectly, specifically the classic briefcase as it’s the perfect size for what I want to carry:

The company itself even has a great history (and well done promotional video). It would only be better if they were Canadian:

Now I just have to figure out how to afford one.