It's Advent time, here's a list...

There’s a few different and fun Advent type things going on this month in the developer community:

  • 24 Ways is always a great Advent read. They release a new article every day and this year they’ve even released a book. Don’t forget the checkout the previous year’s articles too.
  • Adfont Calendar by FontDeck is giving out free web fonts every day this month. You have to visit daily as each free font is only available on the specific day.
  • PHP Advent is present a new PHP related tip, trick, or tidbit to usher in the new year.
  • HTML5 Advent is described bet by their great tagline “24 days of killer demos, tutorials, community buzz, and other stuff that Steve Jobs would love”

and if you want to try for a bit of fun

  • Advent Countdown Competition by Game People is giving away a bunch of gaming stuff each day–if you don’t mind jumping through a bunch of hoops for a chance to win.

Or if you just want to be more traditional there’s always the LEGO advent calendar. Makes a great addition to your desk.