Mobile P2P Kickoff with Larry Borsato

Today was the first session in the Communitech Mobile P2P series. We had a great turnout and lots of fun discussions.

To kick off the series, Larry Borsato lead us in a lively discussion about the ins and outs of developing native apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry . Larry presented fair and informative opinions of what he considers the pros and cons of each platform based on his extensive developer experience. Key points included how to select an appropriate OS for your app, what some of the gotchas and hurdles are with specific platforms and what the furutre may hold.

The audience was mixed in their development experience and was full of questions. Discussions moved from development requirements to general tips for marketing mobile applications to comments on other web based and cross-platform solutions such as PhoneGap and Ripple. A representative from RIM, who happened to be in the audience, fielded a few BlackBerry specific comments.

Thanks again to Larry for helping us kickoff what looks to be a great Mobile P2P series.

Don’t miss the next session!

The next session will be sometime in February 2011. To keep up-to-date with the Mobile P2P group, be sure to add yourself to the distribution list! Got to the P2P Signup page and select “Mobile” from the list.

Group Champions:

Communitech Staff Representatives:

  • Chris Howlett, Executive-in-residence
  • Wanda Eby, Programs Coordinator