GitHub Cross-link (updated)

Today I was discussing a project that we host on GitHub and while browsing around I seemed to be wasting a lot of time going back-and-forth through the file structure. I made an off-the-cuff remark that it would be great if I could click on a class name in the source and have it automatically take me to the appropriate file. Of course, this would be way too difficult for GitHub to provide since there’s no common directory structure but it would be easy to write a browser plug-in to do the same—so I did.

Introducing GitHub Cross-link. A Safari extension that allows you to click on class names in your GitHub source and automatically load the appropriate source page. It does this by using a pre-defined include path, similar to the concept of the PHP include_path, so that the plugin knows where your base libraries are.

It currently works for any projects using the PEAR / Zend Framework style class structures where the class name uses an _ to represent a directory. For example:


where the path the file is:


To get the extension or for more info see the GitHub Cross-link project readme.

Oh, and I’m working on a FireFox and Chrome (see below) extension as well.


I needed a short break from writing so I threw together a quick Chrome version too.