iTunes Store: Your receipt #135180222042

Today I came this close to falling for a phishing scam.

For a brief moment the Panic in me started going “Oh crap, no. I didn’t buy that!” and that’s when I made my mistake. Panic began frantically searching for the “report a problem” button in the email. Stupid move.

Phishing scams work by impersonating a legit message and getting you to click through to a bad site using what appears to be a relevant link. When you enter your personal details (such as account number and what not) the thief laughs and steals all your money.

Thankfully the Panic in my was smacked by Common Sense as it shouted “Hey Stupid, look at the URL in the browser!”.

“Oh ya, right, hrmmm, that.. that doesn’t look right!” and no it didn’t. Panic almost failed to notice that the “iTunes Store Reporting” page was loading on the domain. Not the proper domain. A minor detail that, unfortunately, many people don’t notice.

Thankfully in this case Common Sense prevailed.

P.S. On a second look the $$$ totals didn’t even come close to matching either but I missed it at first glance.