Direct Download Link Structure for Mobile App Stores

Marketing and distributing your mobile apps can be tricky. One of the easiest but lesser know ways is to provide mobile users with the appropriate download links for their respective stores. Most mobile OSes provide special protocols or URLs that will launch the appropriate store apps when selected.

Of course, the disadvantage is that not all these links will work for all devices so its best to selectively display them depending on the mobile OS. That aside, the link structure is relatively simple.

iTunes (iOS) App Store

To link to the iTunes app store from any iOS device, or web browser, simply link to for example This will either launch the appropriate app store application (iTunes on your computer, App Store on an iOS device) or display the product page in the web browser.


To link to the Android Market from an Android device, use the market:// protocol and your package name like this: market://details?, for example market://details?id=com.lozzal. This will launch the Market application on an Android mobile device but unfortunately won’t do anything in a regular web browser (not even in Chrome).

If you like, you can also link directly to a market search page using market://search? (for example market://search?q=pname:com.lozzal) which may be useful if you have a number of different apps or want to provide similar alternatives.


To link to the BlackBerry App World from a BlackBerry device or in any web browser, link to, for example This will display the detail page in the browser and provide the appropriate direct download links for the device.