Android 2.2 (FROYO) on Nexus One

It seems that an over-the-air Froyo update is slowly leaking out to Nexus One users but since I had not recieved my update yet I decided to do a quick DIY and install it manually based on the instructions over on

Here’s my revised instructions (Root access is not required for this update):

  1. Download the Android 2.2 firmware update for the Nexus One — (Google Link, rapid share link)
  2. Copy the downloaded file to the SD card on your Nexus One. Make sure the file is called and that you haven’t expanded / re-compressed it as happened with me when downloading through Safari. If you haven’t copied files to the SD card before, just plug your Nexus One into your computer via the USB port and then, on the phone, slide down the notification bar to select the “USB connected” item. This will mount the SD card as a drive on your computer.
  3. Power down your Nexus One
  4. Hold down the Volume Down button as you power the phone back on.
  5. A white screen will appear showing your phone’s system searching for various files. After a few moments scroll down to recovery and press the Power button.
  6. When after the phone re-boots you’ll see a triangle with an exclamation point symbol and the little Android robot. Press the Power button then at the same time press the Volume Up button. I found it worked best if you pressed the power just slightly before the up.
  7. From the menu that appears, select Apply
  8. The system will verify and install the update and then automatically reboot the device.

The entire process took less than 5 minutes. Time to go re-test all my Apps now.