Google Loves Developers

If I can say anything about Google it’s that they love their developers.

Last summer I was lucky enough to attend and speak at the Google I/O conference. It was an awesome experience but I couldn’t help but notice how much Google just wanted to help out their developers wherever possible. From giving them a great time to being open in discussions there wasn’t a person there who didn’t want to help out anyone they could. They even gave every attendee a free Android phone with a month of service just to help them get started. I was impressed and I was again last night.

Yesterday I atended a Google Android Developer Lab, which was free to anyone who wanted to attend, but space was “limited”. It was an excellent session going over the new features of Android 2.0 with a focus on Bluetooth but again, like at I/O, they gave everyone attending a new Nexus One phone.

I have been attached to my iPhone but Google is starting to really make an impression on me as a developer so I’m going to give the Nexus One a shot and see how it goes for a few weeks. I’ll let you know.