There's an app for that but your device is full

It seems that Droid users might be in for a bit of a surprise when they start installing apps. The new Droid phones, like all other android devices, are limited to a total of 256MB for all installed apps. Sure there’s an SD card to add more memory to the device but you can’t put apps on it. As John Gruber points out, his iPhone has 1.8 gigabytes of apps:

I just checked, and I have about 1.8 gigabytes of apps installed on my iPhone. Many of the top iPhone games weigh in at 50 or even 100 MB each. My two biggest games alone (Texas Hold’em and Need for Speed Undercover) weigh in at just over 256 MB combined. Just two games. John Gruber Daring Fireball

It seems odd that a device touted as an iPhone killer would be limited to 256MB of storage, but in reality that limit is only for the apps themselves, not their “content”. Developers are encouraged to use the SD card to store application content, such as sounds, photos, videos or other resources that are downloaded after the initial installation. But that’s only “encouraged” to use the card, not forced. One app could easily hog the entire 256 megabytes of space if the developer chooses to.

Even if developers are all considerate and dutifully use the SD card for storage, keeping their app footprint tiny, a problem still exists. Dealing with the SD card just adds unnecessary complexity to the app and the user experience when it’s not necessary. What if there is no SD card for the app to use? What if the SD card is removed temporarily or while the app is running? As an end user do I need to upgrade my SD card just to install some fancy new app? How do I transfer all the data on my current card to a new one?

It just seems unnecessarily limited to only include 256MB for apps considering I can get a cheap 16GB thumb drive that’s so small I can hardly hold it. Why not just provide gigabytes of built-in storage to begin with?