Ten Apps for Android Users

The good people over at MobileCrunch have posted what they think are the 10 best android apps. Go check out the list for more details but the rundown is:

  • Twidroid twitter client.
  • Qik/Ustream/Bambuser/etc. streaming services.
  • Flyscreen lockscreen replacement.
  • Nesoid NES emulator.
  • Meridian media player.
  • Flixster movie info.
  • Barcode Reader
  • TED lectures from the annual Technology, Entertainment, Design conference.
  • 3Banana note syncing.
  • Power Manager battery life assistant

I haven’t tried them all but the barcode reader works especially well and was featured in the 2009 Google I/O scavenger hunt (Unfortunately I missed 3rd place by a few points). The hunt involved finding QR Codes hidden around the building and in sessions.