Safari 4 Beta looking good but...

Well Apple has released Safari 4.0 as beta and I must say I am very much enjoying all the nifty new features:

  • Top Sites
  • Full History Search
  • Cover Flow
  • Tabs on Top
  • Smart Address Field
  • Smart Search Field
  • Full Page Zoom
  • Developer Tool

I didn’t know how much I wanted a “Top Sites” screen until I had one! But, the “Tabs on Top” idea could use a little more polish. Here’s the problem I have:

Hrmmm... What does this do?

The window close/expand widgets look like they belong to the tab, not the window, since there’s no little divider between them. I keep clicking the red “Close Window” button to close the first tab. Grrrr. The is especially annoying when you only have two tabs on a wide screen because you don’t really notice it’s actually a tab. As well, dragging the tabs drags the entire window instead of sorting the tabs.

I think a little Terminal defaults hacking is in order:

$ defaults write DebugSafari4TabBarIsOnTop -bool NO

Ahh, there we go. Tab’s back where I liked them.