Data Privacy Day 2009

Keeping your information private is getting harder and harder these days. The internet is a wonderful tool, allowing the global community to share information much more easily. At the same time however, it also brings a lot of problems with it when you don’t want information shared.

To help, January 28 is International Data Privacy Day 2009, where the United States, Canada, and 27 European countries will celebrate Data Privacy Day together. It’s a day where you should take some time to review your on-line activities and make sure you’re not doing something that could have a negative impact on your life or the life of others.

As part of the event, Intel has posted a list of online privacy tips for teenagers, many of which are often ignored by adults. Maybe it’s time to read and make a few notes.

Remember being safe on-line isn’t just about protecting yourself, it about respecting the privacy of others as well.