Firefox 3 - good things on the horizon?

With the recent non-release of the Firefox 3 beta, there’s been a few posts on the new features but they focus mainly on the product specific glitter. What I’m most excited about is the improvements and additions to the underlying rendering engine—that’s where I spend most of my time.

A few great improvements are:

  • Cross Site XMLHttpRequest so we can finally get rid of ugly script tag hacks.
  • The ‘display’ property’s inline-block and inline-table values are now implemented—finally.
  • rgba() support for ‘color’—which along with Safari’s support is a big step to eliminating all those solid colour translucent PNG images (are you listening Internet Explorer?).
  • window.getComputedStyle() now supports all CSS properties.

Obviously, we can’t all just jump on translucent color and cross site XMLHttpRequests until all the major browsers implement the same features but at least this might help push some to move a little faster. We can only hope.