A new cat in town

Well… I’m upgrading to Leopard. I was planning to wait a little while but last week the drive in my computer died a horrible partition death so I figure it’s a good time to wipe the slate clean and start over. So far it’s been effortless. Installation went smoothly and installing all my apps only took a total of about half an hour (except CS3 which I just let run until it was done).

The only hiccup I’ve come across so far was using the “To Do” items in the new Leopard Mail. I kept getting an error that mail couldn’t find the appropriate storage folder on the server. The message was silly as it didn’t say what the folder should be called but after some digging I managed to figure out it was looking for “Apple Mail To Do”. Once I created them there hasn’t been any more problems.

Looking forward to some great fun with the new features, now all I have to to is get a nice external backup drive for time machine. Hrmm….

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