Pixelmator - Image editing for the rest of us

Having the right tools is always a top priority for any designer or developer. One thing I’ve always found frustrating is that lack of a well conceived (and cheaper) alternative to Photoshop. I do love Photoshop but the price tag inhibits purchase for those of us who only want to use it occasionally. As well, to be honest, the plethora of features in Photoshop are great but I barely ever use 80% of them. Today however, a solution has been presented and it’s one that looks very promising. Pixelmator is a Mac OS X image editor with all the right stuff. It looks good, does what you need and just feels right:


I’ve only had a chance to experiment a bit but so far I like what I see! And the price tag is right too. I’d suggest checking it out if you’re in the market for a decent image editor.