Shiny colourful stickers don't mean low prices

Have you ever found yourself tricked into buying something you didn’t really need just because it was “on sale”?

Recently I’ve noticed a plethora of brightly coloured price stickers and signs littering the shelves of my local shopping market. Sometimes they indicate an actual sale while others indicate—with a very similar tag—a “regular low price”, meaning that the item isn’t priced differently but it’s just special because it has a shiny sticker on it now.

Yesterday I was a little more cautious while searching for some chicken. I noticed a “Fresh Cut Price” sign near some boxed pre-cooked chicken and thought I’d check it out but at closer inspection the deal wasn’t as good as they made it seem. Notice the before and after price:

Fresh Cut Price

Just shows you need to be watchful and don’t just shop based on shiny colourful stickers.