Is it true? A decent JavaScript editor?

Of all the software I have on my Mac, I’ve always been missing a decent JavaScript editor. I do have editors that support JavaScript syntax highlighting and such but they lack those extra features. For other languages such as:

  • CSS I have CSSEdit and StyleMaster,
  • PHP I have Zend Studio and it’s wonderful developing environment,
  • HTML, JavaScript and general code editing I have the awsome BBedit,
  • and for general subversion access there’s svnX.

(note the lack of a WYSIWYG editor! Everything by hand!)

But I really want a good JavaScript IDE. And I may have found one. A colleague pointed me at Aptana, I just downloaded it and gave it a quick try and looks very promising:


My only complaint is that it’s written in Java so it doesn’t use the standard windowing methods on my Mac but I can look past that if it’s good enough. Hopefully this will now complete my tool set.