Obsessing over a music note

I’ve been of work for that last week as my wife and I settle down with our new daughter Addison. She’s such a cutie, and loves falling asleep while snuggling on my chest and shoulder. I can sit there for hours just staring at her and her cute expressions as she sleeps. Besides making me a happy person, the snuggling time has also afforded me an opportunity to finally encode my CD collection.

After installing the latest iTunes and playing with the new cover flow feature, I dug out all my CD’s as well as my wife’s (even my dust covered box of CD’s from high school) and sat it next to me on the couch while snuggling with Addison. I also modified the preference in iTunes to automatically encode and eject any CD inserted, so it was basically just a few hours of sticking CD’s in the MacBook when it spit one back out. Now however, I’m in a hunt for the missing CD cover art! <p align="center">Coverflow Missing Cover</p> The majority of it was automagically downloaded as the CD’s were encoded (or purchased from iTunes), but a few were missing and the big glaring music note is now driving me nuts! I however really like the coverflow feature. I know it’s just a gimmick but it made me want to encode my cd’s - just so I could flip through all the covers. Now I’m hooked and digging up any other CDs around the house, all I need now is an iTV to hook up to my stereo.

(I’ve also started to explore the podcast section on iTunes - there’s some good stuff in there!)