TODO: Get PHP 5 Certified - Check!

Well I guess I was better prepared than I thought. The exam was tough, so if you’re preparing I suggest studying hard and make sure you know all the little details!

Dear Jeffrey Sambells,

Congratulations on passing the Zend PHP Certification exam!

As a Zend Certified Engineer you are now among an elite group that leads the growth of PHP.

The benefits you receive as a Zend Certified Engineer include: - Personal profile on the on the ‘Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals’ at:</li> - Standing out from the competition when looking for a new job; or at your annual salary review</li> - Global recognition of your PHP skills</li> - Discounts on selected Zend products and PHP conferences worldwide</li> - Exclusive previews of emerging Zend products</li>

Whether you are distributing an application, seeking employment, bidding on contract work, or pursuing career advancement, your new status as a Zend Certified Engineer provides a tangible and verifiable advantage.

You are welcome and encouraged to add the Zend Certified Engineer logo, found at, on your website or online resume with a link back to your profile on the ‘Yellow Pages for PHP Professionals’.

Use the following link:

Your official certificate will be mailed to you within 4-6 weeks.

Bonus: Get your own Zend Certified Engineer business cards for FREE!

Best of luck and happy PHP’ing.


Dhwani Vahia Education Programs Manager Zend Technologies, Inc. The php Company