php|works 2006 Day 0

The official conference doesn’t actually start until tomorrow as today was an ‘extra’ day of in-depth tutorials (hence day 0 not day 1). I was however pleasantly surprised by the initial preparedness of the extra day. I arrived an hour and a half early (to beat the downtown Toronto traffic) and they were already accepting registrations and everything was ready to go. Last year I was worried I was in the wrong building as I waited in the lobby for about an hour before I even saw signs of the conference. The location itself is pretty easy to get to and has a nice atmosphere. <p align="center">Conference Room</p>

Upon entering the conference areas, like last year, free wifi was available as well as a personal web space for each of us to use for the BYOL (Bring Your Own Laptop) seminars. There was a shortage of nearby electrical outlets for everyone’s laptops but I arrived early enough that I was able to sit right next to an outlet and fended off the hordes as they approached it seeking more power. A continental breakfast of muffins, fruit and coffee was ready at the back of each room as people started to trickle in.

Of the available seminars today, I decided to go with the full day PHP5 Certification Crash Course. I felt I was familiar enough with the topics of the other seminars already and wanted to see what was new for the certification test and PHP5.

I won’t go into detail of this days seminar as it was a 6 hour overview of the key features of PHP5, which you can read about at I will say Paul Reinheimer did an excellent job of mashing the regularly 18 hour course into 6 hours but I’ll still have to review a bit of the documentation (SPL) before I write the exam tomorrow. Also, a few useful links were mentioned that may be of interest:

At lunch (which was a great buffet of salmon, assorted seafood, noodles and salads) I was fortunate to sit with Robert Treat who will be giving the “Introduction to pl/php” seminar later this week. We discussed PostgreSQL a bit and chatted about the 10th anniversary PostgreSQL conference in Toronto earlier this year (which I somehow completely missed).

Tomorrow I’ll be attending some different “topic specific” seminars so I’ll post a synopsis of each, hopefully with some video (or at least audio) if possible. For those not attending the conference, you can get some downloads and slides at the Live Conference Page.