Zend PHP5 Certification: Coming to a conference near you.

I just finished watching (or listening as there wasn’t much to see) the php|architect ‘Get PHP 5 Certified’ webcast and am looking forward to taking the PHP 5 certification exam at the public launch during the upcoming php|works conference in Toronto. The exam is currently in beta and only a few select ZCE’s have been allowed to test it out.

The exam has been completely re-written but will follow the same multiple choice/multiple answer/fill-in-the-blank format of the previous exam. Also, if you take the test at one of the many testing centers, you still won’t know your final score beyond pass/fail, but you will get a summary of the subjects/areas where you should improve. Helpful for those who fail the test and want to re-take it again.

It’s nice to see the certification process advancing along with the language. It was mentioned during the talk that in the past, PHP has been seen as a hobbyists language but now with the improvements in PHP 5, and the upcoming PHP 6, enterprise has started to accept the language more and more. Certifying yourself can only help you gain credibility, and helps the PHP community gain credibility as well.

From the web cast, there were a few additional points:

  • An updated study guide will be released sometime before the conference.
  • The cost will be the same as the PHP 4 exam.
  • Currently there are no plans to continue the PHP 4 exam AFTER 2006, unless it is demanded by the community. So if you want to get certified in 4, you'd better do it soon.
  • Your certification and certificate will distinguish between 4 and 5.
  • Those of us who are already certified in PHP 4 will have to re-take the entire exam, no upgrades, but you can get a discount by contacting zend.

For more info on the conference check out the php|architect site and for more info on the exam check out Zend’s site.