Stolen Idea!

As I may have mentioned before, along with my job at We-Create, I work early mornings at Greystone Golf Club in the turf crew. It’s very relaxing (well, if you find walking/running +6km behind a mower relaxing) and I have hours to just think and enjoy the environment. I come up with some of my best ideas while cutting grass and watching the sun rise. For example, not even a week ago, I was thinking about my new MacBook Pro and thought “Hey, wouldn’t it be neat if I could darken the background behind the current application, similar to the popular Lightbox JavaScript.” That would make it even easier to pick out the windows associated to my current application.

Not knowing a lot about desktop software I filed it under ‘Rainy Day Projects’ and was excited at it’s possibilities. Then came today. While catching up on Digg, I cam across Doodim, that does exactly what I had in mind! Someone has been reading my Rainy Day file. I guess I should hide it better! <p align="center">Doodim</p>

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