Cleaning up after iPhoto

Last year I purchased my first digital camera, a Nikon D50. Until then, I’d been using a Nikon F80 which was great, but I had to continually pay for developing so I did little experimenting and was never really able to get the most out of the camera. Now with digital, I leave it on rapid fire and am continually emptying my 1GB memory card. But now I have the problems of sorting and organizing my many, many photos. I had been using iPhoto, the iLife application that came on my MacBook Pro. It has a lot of nice features and let me makes slideshows and such, but it lacked in many areas as well so I decided to make a switch to Aperture. I must admit I love it. Stacking photos is awesome and there are so many different way to organize things. I also like the dark UI, feels more professional and slick. I’m really hoping Mac OS X Leopard may incorporate the darker interface. But the real reason I’m writing this little post is that I was frustrated after importing my iPhoto library into Aperture and I thought I’d share a little trick with you. After importing from iPhoto, I began assembling images and stacking them in groups, rearranging and sorting - generally having lost of fun. After a while, I noticed that a lot of my iPhoto photos were already stacked up with two copies of the same image, one with the keyword ‘iPhoto Original’ and the other with ‘iPhoto Edited’. It seems that iPhoto duplicated the images when I made simple changes (or I think when I just played and didn’t really change anything). My problem was then how to delete all these ‘iPhoto Edited’ images so my spiffy new projects weren’t cluttered with double images. After much frustration trying Albums, the lights table and a bunch of other searches I came across a simple solution as illustrated in the photo below. <div style="text-align: center">filter out iPhoto Edited</div> To remove photos by keyword - without breaking all your stacks of images - click the little magnifying glass next to the library and filter by keyword. Then check the ‘Ignore stack groupings’ option. Now all the photos will be only the ones tagged as ‘iPhoto Edited’, not their related stack. From there, just select all and delete. There are a few other places where you can do similar filtering but this was the only place I could find the ‘Ignore stack groupings’ option. Anyways, just thought I’€™d share.